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Our main interest is research of migratory fishes, especially of sea trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta L.) and salmon (Salmo salar L.):

  • Study of fish migrations using tagging and telemetric methods.
  • Assessment of natural production and possibilities of its increase.
  • Inventory of spawning grounds and rearing habitats.
  • Assessment of connectivity of rivers and methods of its regain.
  • Estimation of effectiveness of stocking and others measures of active protection.

We are interested in results of fishery management, do inventory and monitor ichtyofauna of Pomeranian rivers, analyzing fish assemblages, their densities, and anthropopressure. We are involved in program of restitution of sturgeon in Poland and realization of Polish Eel Management Plan. Staff of Department conducts broad advisory activity doing evaluations and judgments on fishery and protection projects and measures, hydrotechnical investments etc.

Our statutory subject is: „Study of management and protection of migratory fish populations (nr S-025)”, but we are involved also in other projects: “Overview of the state of salmon and sea trout populations in rivers flowing to the Baltic Sea” (HELCOM), „Stocking of Polish Sea Area” (MARD).

Colleagues from our Department are members of working and study groups of International Council of Exploitation of Sea, expert boards in Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, scientific boards of scientific and administrative institutions, national and landscape parks, editorial boards of scientific papers.


Our main recent publications:

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