Vol. 18 Fasc. 2

Full textAbstract Zdzisław Zakęś, Krystyna Demska-Zakęś, Agata Kowalska, Csaba Hancz, Sylwia Jarmołowicz - Impact of diets supplemented with rapeseed, soy, and sunflower oils on growth rates and the histological picture of the livers of juvenile pikeperch, Sander lucioperca (L.)      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Michał Kozłowski, Zdzisław Zakęś, Mirosław Szczepkowski, Krzysztof Wunderlich, Iwona Piotrowska, Bożena Szczepkowska - Impact of light intensity on the results of rearing juvenile pikeperch, Sander lucioperca (L.), in recirculating aquaculture systems      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Marek Hopko, Zdzisław Zakęś, Agata Kowalska, Konrad Partyka - Impact of intraperitoneal and intramuscular PIT tags on survival, growth, and tag retention in juvenile pikeperch, Sander lucioperca (L.)      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Dorota Fopp-Bayat, Małgorzata Jankun, Henryk Kuźmiński - Genetic characterization of Polish cultured brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill), based on microsatellite DNA analysis      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Jacek Morzuch, Andrzej Kapusta - Management of fish populations in lobelia lakes in the vicinity of Bytów (northern Poland)      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Natalia Kurhalyuk, Halyna Tkachenko, Katarzyna Pałczyńska - Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense system in spawn of brown trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta L.) affected by ulcerative dermal necrosis      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full textAbstract Irena Borzęcka - Classifying Vistula and Pomeranian sea trout populations using discriminant functions based on selected scale characters      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]