Vol. 20 Fasc. 3

Full text Bogusław Zdanowski, Andrzej Kapusta - For the 20th anniversary issue of the Archives of Polish Fisheries      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Leszek Myszkowski, Rafał Kamiński, Manuel Quiros, L. Andrzej Stanny, Jacek Wolnicki - Dry diet-influenced growth, size variability, condition and body deformities in juvenile crucian carp Carassius carassius L. reared under controlled conditions      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Zdzisław Zakęś - The effect of body size and water temperature on the results of intensive rearing of pike-perch, Stizostedion lucioperca (L.) fry under controlled conditions      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Krzysztof Kazuń, Andrzej K. Siwicki - Propiscin – a safe new anaesthetic for fish      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Janusz Terlecki, Ryszard Pałka - Occurrence of Perccottus glenii Dybowski 1877 (Perciformes, Odontobutidae) in the middle stretch of the Vistula River, Poland      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Yves Désaunay, Raymonde Lecomte-Finiger, Daniel Guérault - Mean age and migration patterns of Anguilla anguilla (L.) glass eels from three French estuaries (Somme, Vilaine and Adour Rivers)      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Christine Argillier, Marc Barral, Pascal Irz - Growth and diet of the pikeperch Sander lucioperca (L.) in two French reservoirs      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Lidia Horoszewicz, Tadeusz Backiel - Growth of wels (Silurus glanis L.) in the Vistula River and the Zegrzyński Reservoir      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Kerstin Holmgren, HDkan Wickström - Note on otolith growth in elvers, Anguilla anguilla (L.), and the relative otolith size during somatic growth      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Christopher Moriarty - The decline in catches of European elver 1980-1992      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Alireza Shiri Harzevili, Inne Vught, Johan Auwerx, Daniel De Charleroy - Larval rearing of ide (Leuciscus idus (L.)) using decapsulated Artemia      [RESEARCH ARTICLE]