Vol. 22 Fasc. 2

Full text Abstract Shabnam Ansari, Badre Alam Ansari - Temporal variations of CAT, GSH, and LPO in gills and livers of zebrafish, Danio rerio, exposed to dimethoate          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Andrej Pilinkovskij, Vytautas Kesminas, Egidijus Bukelskis, Laurynas Civas - Ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernuus L.) growth and diet in Lake Dusia (southern Lithuania)          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Adam Zawada, Ryszard Polechoński, Anna Bronowska - Iodine disinfection of sea trout, Salmo trutta (L.), eggs and the affect on egg surfaces          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Natalija Matvienko, Yury Rud, Leonid Buchatsky - Replication of infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus in different cell lines and in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fingerlings          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Sylwia Jarmołowicz, Zdzisław Zakęś - Amino acid profile in juvenile pikeperch (Sander lucioperca (L.)) – impact of supplementing feed with yeast extract          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Bożena Szczepkowska, Mirosław Szczepkowski, Iwona Piotrowska - Impact of feed rations on growth, selected body parameters and maturation of vendace, Coregonus albula L., reared in RAS          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Padmanabha Chakrabarti, Saroj Kumar Ghosh - Cyclical changes in interrenal and chromaffin cells in relation to testicular activity of olive barb, Puntius sarana (Hamilton)          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Full text Abstract Manu Esteve, Deborah Ann McLennan, John Andrew Zablocki, Gašper Pustovrh, Ignacio Doadrio - Spawning behaviour and the softmouth trout dilemma          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]